Tumbling Thru

Nonsense from the mind of Emil

Is this for real?

I’d rather watch spec Miata racing than this…  I mean, it’s pretty spectacular driving, but what’s the point of racing an electric car that goes 147 mph?  I drove faster than that on my way to Eddie’s shop this morning.

EPIX on Time-Warner Cable

So, the good people of Time-Warner have renumbered their channel line up.  Sure, it’s a bit of a short-term pain, but looking at the overall grid, it makes a TON of sense.  I kind of wish my cable company would clean up their channel ordering…

Here’s where you can find EPIX:

· Channel 594: EPIX On Demand
· Channel 595: EPIX
· Channel 596: EPIX, West
· Channel 597: EPIX 2
· Channel 598: EPIX 3:
· Channel 599: EPIX Drive-In